Runa makes URL illustrations – FAQ

So! I decided a while ago that I wanted to try and make a drawing a day to improve on my artsy skills. I used to draw and make illustrations a lot, but I haven’t really worked on it for some years now and I’m having trouble getting back into it and finding the inspirations that I really need. Instead of wallowing in self pity, I decided that it would be more productive to simply invite the people who would like their URLs illustrated to reblog a reblog-this-and-I’ll-something-something-for-you post from me. The deadline for reblogging is the last day of January!


Follow the tag #Runa makes URL illustrations for updates!

A few rules:

  • The date of entry is based on GMT +1. That means European time.
  • Depending on how many people actually reblog I might set up another blog for the illustrations.
  • There is no time frame on this project. I don’t know when I’ll begin making the illustrations and I don’t know when I’ll finish.
  • If your URL is blatantly obscene/sexual/derogatory or consists of random letters and numbers I might decide not to illustrate it. Same goes for URLs with names, such as “Bob-123”.
  • I expect most of the illustrations will be very simple. But sometimes there might be a certain URL that will inspire me to make something a little more complicated, and as such I expect the people who didn’t get a more complex illustration for their URL not to bitch and moan about it and call it unfair.
  • In fact, any ridiculous complaints and/or messages to me about when the hell I will get down to making Your URL will most likely get you crossed off my list of URLs to illustrate.
  • The order which the illustrations will be made will be completely random, and depends on which URL inspires my on that particular day.
  • You are of course welcome to message me with an questions you might have, but please make sure they haven’t already been answered by the FAQ!